About Dorożkarnia Culture Center

Dorożkarnia Children and Youth Culture Center is one of the most active institutions in Warsaw, which promotes children and youth amateur artistic activity. Its main objective is to create a suitable place and atmosphere in order to enable young people to present their achievements, realize their dreams and aspirations, develop their talents and acquaint themselves better with the world of art.


Child and youth artists not only attend regular weekly classes, but also take active part in cyclic workshops and weekend stage presentations. There are a few dozens of various workshops and artistic groups at the Center, including several theatre and dance groups. While implementing its educational and cultural program, Dorożkarnia organizes and participates in many significant cultural events not only of local, but also of national and international character.


Dorożkarnia runs regular classes in fine arts, ceramics, theatre, film, dance and music, which are conducted by qualified instructors-artists, organizes cyclic workshops prepared by specialists in different fields, as well as implements variety of artistic projects of local, municipal, national and international character. It is a place of activities for children’s and youth theatre, music and dance groups, as well as local clubs, the objective of which is to integrate children and youth from Siekierki district.


„One of our main goals is to develop abilities in all children, encourage creativity, shape certain personality traits, like openness to original challenges – cooperation with local schools in order to bridge the educational gap in the area of creative activity and cultural sensitivity,  and to promote amateur activity – the use of media contacts and other opinion- forming circles in order to popularize unselfish artistic involvement of children and young people.” Anna Michalak-Pawłowska, Director of Dorożkarnia


Warsaw 00-709, ul. Siekierkowska 28
tel.+48 22 841 72 17, +48 22 841 91 22
fax.: +48 22 841 91 22

International Projects Coordinator:
Katarzyna Sztarbała, katarzyna.sztarbala (at) dorozkarnia.pl